When to File for County Tax Exemptions

Recently had a closing that the closing attorney noted the purchaser can file for their tax exemptions at any time.  The purchaser did not need to wait until the first of the following year.  This got me to thinking and will recommend to all our clients going forward.

When you receive the property deed by mail after closing you know you are on the county records.  At that time call the county tax commission office and find out when you call file for the homestead exemption and the senior tax exemption.   Can you do online or need to go to the tax commissioners office?  Ask what papers you need to bring.  Receiving the deed to your new home is an easy way to remember this very important tax saver.

One other important reminder, when you call the county tax commissioner office, ask them to make sure a tax bill is sent to you, the new homeowner for that year.



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