Why Do I Need a Buyer’s Agent? HomeBuying Truths

When purchasing a home, the listing agent, you know the name on the sign or internet ad, is working for the seller.  Their job is to make sure the seller gets everything they want, full price, be allowed to stay in the house 30 days after closing without any rent, and not make any repairs after the inspection report.  If someone is working that hard for the seller, don’t you want someone working just as diligently for you?

That is what a buyer’s representative does, places your interest before anything and everything.  Buyer representation, also known as buyer brokerage or buyer agency, means the agent you are working with represents you and your interests.  They are going to consider your needs and wants first.  They will be loyal and honest while they are looking out for you.

As a homebuyer you want someone that will guide you through the home buying maze; someone that will negotiate the best price for a home; someone will make sure all the details are handled.

As your buyer’s representative we will

  • Locate properties that meet your specific needs and wants.
  • Accompany you in viewing properties.
  • Recommend reliable and trustworthy lenders to work with
  • Research properties you are interested in and identify any problems or issues, if any, that you should consider.
  • Advise you in formulating your offer.
  • Help you develop your negotiation strategy.
  • Provide a list of qualified vendors (such as inspectors, attorneys, etc.) for other related services that may be needed.
  • Keep track of all the details throughout the entire transaction to closing and beyond

Remember, in making one of the largest financial investments you will ever make, be sure you have a buyer’s representative on your side.

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