With a Little Vision Find the Best Buy

Have you ever driven up to a new construction community that is just starting that did not have a home for you to see?  It is happening more and more.  So do not get frustrated and try using a little vision to see what the community and homes will be like.  Three reasons to proceed with getting to know the community:{[}]


  1. Location of community,
  2. {[}]

  3. Best choice of lots
  4. {[}]

  5. Price
  6. {[}]

{[}]Location of community – you were curious so you know something about the area.  It may be near family and friends.  Has access to roads, shopping, or activities you are interested in.{[}]{[}]Choice of lots – you will have more choices of lots within the community.  Are you looking for green space around the house, views out the windows, privacy or front porch to visit on?{[}]{[}]Price – the best prices for a new community will be at the very start.  The builder needs buyers showing it is attractive and desirable.  Those buyers willing to use a little vision will reap the reward of best price.{[}]{[}]Over the years we have worked with numerous clients purchasing homes in the first phase of a community so we have learned how to find the vision of a community.  Using site plans, renderings, floor plans, samples of materials used, and knowing the builder allows us to paint the picture of the community.  We can explain the advantages and disadvantages of one lot over another lot.  Show you where shopping, entertainment, and recreation choices are.{[}]{[}]When you are ready to start your 55+/Active Adult home and community search, put our knowledge and experience to work for you.

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