RIP – Woodstock’s Coolest Resident – Tom the Turkey

It is our sad duty to let you know Tom(Bob) the Turkey was hit by a car some time Sunday.  I saw  him on Saturday evening on my way downtown.  For anyone that drives Main Street on a regular basis he will be sorely missed.   RIP  Tom the Turkey.  1/16/2011{[}]{[}]More about Tom (Bob).{[}]{[}] {[}]{[}]Yesterday I finally got a picture of  Woodstock resident Tom the Turkey!  I have been trying to get a picture since we first saw Tom in September.  Either I did not have my camera or the phone took a bad photo every time I saw him.   If you are unfamiliar with Tom, he resides in a field on Main Street just South of downtown Woodstock.{[}]{[}]The first time we saw Tom he was sitting on a fence, everyone in the car was stunned to see a wild turkey in downtown Woodstock.  After that we kept watch and started to see him on a regular basis.  Going into November we were concerned he would end up on a dining room table; however, I am sure wild turkeys are not near a flavorful as a store-bought bird.   Yesterday was the first time we have seen Tom since Thanksgiving; glad he made it.{[}]{[}]Some things we know Tom has done since residing in Woodstock include chasing a bicycle rider, stopping traffic while crossing Main Street, and playing hide and seek under a pick up when some kids were chasing him.  As for Tom’s diet, we know there are lots of corn kernels along the sidewalk where he resides.  Tom also received a pardon from Mayor Donnie Henriques a while back….not sure why and what he was “pardoned for” but the mayor knows he is around.   Someone also made a sign for Tom’s Domain.  Seems Tom the Turkey is well-respected and liked in Woodstock.  Hope you get to see him.

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