Final Vote Set For Alpharetta Downtown

Alpharetta residents and other interested parties will have one more chance to comment on the current plans to revitalize downtown Alpharetta. According to a recent press release by Alpharetta officials, Alpharetta City Council will vote on the plan during their June 18 Council meeting.{[}]{[}]The meeting could get interesting as residents have raised concerns recently that the conceptual plan has morphed into a higher density project potentially containing a residential component. According to the AJC, residents at a June 6 open house presentation and question and answer session complained that the revitalization project has added the potential for undefined “housing” that was not mentioned prior to the project’s public vote for a bond issue for the project last November. Others say that the revised plan adds parking while cutting back on park land.{[}]{[}]Mayor Belle Isle was not available for comment on the AJC article but Alpharetta Councilman Aiken countered that the mixed-use component of the project could be office and retail and not necessarily residential. He also that the final decision would not be decided without public input.{[}]{[}]While one could easily agree with the resident’s concerns, a strong argument can also be made that some residential component can add consistent foot traffic for downtown businesses and give the area a more vibrant feel. I personally think a small residential component of either apartments or preferably townhomes and/or condos can benefit the downtown area while not adding significantly to traffic congestion.{[}]{[}]We’ll continue to watch how this project unfolds and will keep you informed, so stay tuned.{[}]{[}]For more info, read our earlier posts on the Downtown Alpharetta Revitalization Project:{[}]{[}]Public Input Invited For Alpharetta City Center Redevelopment{[}]{[}]Alpharetta Resident Input On City Center Mostly Positive So Far{[}]{[}]Alpharetta City Center and Prospect Park Updates{[}]{[}] 

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