More Sparkling Bath When Selling Your Home Part 2

 {[}]{[}]staging the bathroomDo you like the feel when you walk into a hotel bath?  The lush linens, striking countertops, and clean feeling…again that is what a home buyer wants when they walk into your home.  In Sparkling Bath – Part 4,  we talked about cleaning your bath, now let’s address the bath so home buyers are dazzled.  First start by picking a color scheme…crisp white if the walls are dark,  bold color if the walls are pale.  Remember pastels are out.   Use colors that are similar to adjacent bedrooms.  Now working from the floor up…if the bath is small rugs are not needed.  If the room is larger a nice area rug will break up the room.  Think outside the fluffy towel bath mats.  Use towels that have some of the same colors as the rug…there are lots of nice decorative sets available with trim that is impactful.  Find a matching or coordinating shower curtain if needed.  The goal is to make a buyer feel good and have interesting photos for marketing.{[}]{[}]Now on to the vanity and accessories…remember we have put away all the personal items so a few decorative items are needed.  Again stay in the same color family.  Items can range from live plants to bath accessories.  Walk thru your home and find items that fit to scale and are similar colors.  No one said you cannot use a lamp on a vanity.  If you have wall space art is always a welcome addition.  Large decorative metal pieces with candles are impactful along with a collection of prints.  Baskets are an inexpensive way to add color and texture to a bath… use rolled towels  inside for interest.  Candles are also a simple solution, just remember to be careful of aromas (we leave the candles in the clear wrappers when possible).  Do not over do it.  Remember when selling a home you are trying to appeal to everyone.{[}]{[}]Many of today’s bathrooms have the large windows over the tubs- dressing the windows with more than blinds is a great feature.  It does not have to be expensive…find simple drapes to frame the window or textured colored shears.  Maybe something with a little shine from a metallic thread, beading, or trim.  Remember you want the bath to sparkle so this is way to find that shine.

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