Services Provided to 55+/Active Adult Buyer Clients

Helping our 55+clients is a large part of our business model.  After finding the right home, we strive to be their eyes and ears when necessary.  Today I met with a Home Inspector at Soleil Laurel Canyon, an Active Adult community in Canton, for one of our out-of-state buyers.  The client is having a house built, so I attended the home inspection on their behalf.  (The trip from their home in Michigan is 11 hours one way.)

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Today’s inspection was pre-drywall.  As the selling agent working with a buyer client, we believe this home inspection is important because it’s the purchaser’s opportunity for the foundation, framing, plumbing, electrical and early mechanical to be checked before the walls go up.  When the home inspector had completed the inspection, we called the purchaser using Facetime.  The home inspector gave this active adult purchaser a short oral report and will send the written report tomorrow.  The purchaser felt included and more knowledgeable about their new home.  This is just one of many services we provide our 55+ clients with.

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