Woodstock Awarded For Pedestrian Friendly Project

The recent Downtown Woodstock streetscape project has gotten the attention of PEDS, a non-profit focused on making the Metro Atlanta area more pedestrian friendly.  According to The Cherokee Tribune, PEDS has given Woodstock its Golden Shoes award for the improvements to the Downtown Woodstock area. Duluth also received the reward in 2011.pedestrian friendly downtown Woodstock{[}]{[}]The recently completed project, funded by a Liveable Cities Initiative grant, redesigned street parking to angled-parking, added steps and benches to a previously awkward “dropping” sidewalk from the street curb, widened sidewalks and installed new streetlights pedestrian friendly downtown Woodstockand landscaping.  According to PEDS President and CEO Sally Flocks, a well-known advocate for bikers and pedestrians, she and staff visitors visited Downtown Woodstock in October and found the city “a delightful place to walk around in”.{[}]{[}]Woodstock has also received a grant from the Georgia DOT to extend the streetscape improvements north from Towne Lake Parkway to the Rope Mill Road intersection.  The improvements should improve access to the Chambers at City Center and to the Park at City Center.{[}]{[}]We’ve written on the improvements to Downtown Woodstock in the past:{[}]{[}]Woodstock Begins LCI Streetscape Improvements Downtown{[}]{[}]Woodstock City Hall Moving Back Downtown{[}]{[}]Woodstock Opens the Chambers at City Center{[}]{[}]Woodstock Extends Streetscape Improvements north from Downtown

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