Westside Parkway in Alpharetta May Be Open by Spring

While you may think this news is just the next verse in the same tired, old tune, read on. Alpharetta is continuing to make progress in completing the last leg of Westside Parkway, a connector road built to relieve traffic congestion on GA Hwy 400 and GA Hwy 9, both running north and south thru North Fulton.{[}]{[}]Westside Parkway aerial in AlpharettaWhile the last news release optimistically hoped for construction to begin towards the end of 2011, according to Neighborhood Newspapers, the Alpharetta City Council did approve entering into a contract with the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) to receive funds for construction of this final leg. According to Alpharettta Director of Engineering and Public Works Pete Sewczwicz, bids should be coming in mid-March with construction starting in early April.{[}]{[}]Westside Parkway began construction almost five years ago and is now complete north to Windward Parkway and south to Mansell Road excepting the stretch between Old Milton Parkway to Webb Bridge Road. The project stalled when Prospect Park’s developer failed and entered bankruptcy. Turns out that the developer that owned Prospect Park also owned an adjacent piece of land outside bankruptcy that was in the path of the roadway.  So, once the new developer purchased the project, renamed Avalon, the city was able to work with both property owners to negotiation the property acquisition need to complete the road.{[}]{[}]You can read more here about Avalon and Westside Parkway:{[}]{[}]Alpharetta GA has new hopes for Prospect Park{[}]{[}]Alpharetta City Center and Prospect Park Updates{[}]{[}]Prospect Park Developer to Seeks Local Input{[}]{[}]Alpharetta Will Soon Open Last Leg of Westside Parkway

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