New High School in Milton GA Gets Mascot and Colors

milton ga has names for new high schoolMore details are coming into focus for the new high school in Milton, which has been referred to for months as the Bethany Bend high school site. After two meetings with future students and two nights of voting, the students have decided on the Bears as their mascot and a combination of navy, Carolina blue and white as the school colors.{[}]{[}]According to Principal Dr. Ed Spurka, over 500 future students voted on the colors and mascot during the meetings.{[}]{[}]And, according to the Milton Herald, barring a last-minute change of heart, the school will be named Cambridge High School. The Fulton County Board of Education voted unanimously on Cambridge over Providence at a first read meeting in October.{[}]{[}]Once the name is finalized, the administrative staff can then work on a logo and establishing the PTA and presumably a website and other promotional materials for the school.{[}]{[}]Read more about the school at the posts below:{[}]{[}]News on Milton HS and Prospect Park Naming Process{[}]{[}]Meet New Bethany Bend High School Principal | Dr Ed Spurka{[}]{[}]New Milton High School Construction to Begin – Under Budget!{[}]{[}]More progress on new High School in Milton{[}]{[}]New High School Site in Milton – Redistricting Info{[}]{[}]Bethany Bend High School Principal Named in Milton{[}]{[}]Redistricting turnout low for new Bethany Bend High School{[}]{[}]Redistricting for Bethany Bend High School almost set{[}]{[}]Bethany Bend High School Redistricting Map Approved

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